Schlumberger IAM 2017.1


Welcome to Integrated Asset Modeler 2018.1

Schlumberger Integrated Asset Modeler is a powerful tool that offers complete subsurface-to-surface modeling, including reservoir description and coupling to the wellbore, surface network and processing facilities. The Integrated Asset Modeler platform is supported by real-time planning and optimization technology, and is designed for use by Reservoir, Production, and Process Engineers, as well as Operations, Business Development, and Asset Management. You can deploy Integrated Asset Modeler in daily production optimization, short-term tactical planning and long-term strategic oil and gas reserve development.

Integrated Asset Modeler also serves as a host environment for managing reservoir simulation and proxy models, or any combination of these for the reservoir description. Integration with fiscal economics models to change the field-wide optimization from barrels per day to dollars per day (and even dollars per barrel and barrels per dollar) is at the heart of the IAM* workflow.

Employing reservoir, well, network, and processing models created in other applications (such as Schlumberger ECLIPSE® or PIPESIM®, Aspen Technology HYSYS™, or Petroleum Experts Gap™), you can use Integrated Asset Modeler to create integrated asset models that provide a complete picture of your resources, and a collaborative platform for your asset team.

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FracproPT 2019


Version 10.10.13
 Added FlexNet Publisher Licensing for Fracpro. Fracpro can now use FlexNet Publisher Licensing
(FlexLM) for local as well as license server in addition to existing licensing system.
 Added Digital Display to Fracpro which allows user to see channels in real time.
 Added Stage Summary which allows user to see various configurable parameter for each stage while the
job is in progress.
 Added Layer Sensitive model option to Fracpro. This option calculates the effective fracture length in each
reservoir layer over the entire fracture height, rather than assuming an elliptical profile as in the past. The
new option results in more fracture length in layers with less fracture width (e.g. high stress layers), giving a
more realistic fracture geometry and proppant distribution. Better prediction of Frac Hits in adjacent wells.
 Added new Cluster Efficiency screen to mode variable flow distribution between perforation intervals over
time. Allows diversion matching.
 Updated the pack width model equation for proppants. The width regression coefficients for individual
proppants are used in this revised equation to determine the pack width under any conditions as a function
of stress and pack concentration.
 Allow user to assign color to channels across Fracpro.
 Allow user to assign alias and color for real-time channels.
 Added ability to have different proppant effects on wellbore friction for multiple proppants.
 Added temperature-dependent fluid rheology inside fracture.
 Added real time ASCII data output even for periods when the model is waiting for flow.
 Added several options in 3D Viewer.
 Pasting XLS data to deviation survey.
 Fixed Copy Treatment under/over flush bug.
 Can use Additive channels in User Defined Channel.
 For Floating plot, print pop up now comes up over Floating plot.

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I-GIS GeoScene3D v10.0.13.574

GeoScene3D is a 3D Geological modelling software for visualizing geoscience data, building geological models in order to distribute the results to stakeholders. The software is well suited for geoscientists in public and private organizations working with engineering geology, groundwater, soil contamination or other tasks involving compilation and interpretation or visualization of a variety of data types. GeoScene3D enables visualization of a broad range of geoscience data. For example wells, geophysical data, soil and water chemistry, terrain surfaces and geological layers.Furthermore, it is also possible to build geological models using the software in a well-defined modelling process. From the manual, or semi-automated production of layer interpretation points, through the generation of layer surfaces using advanced interpolation techniques, to the final export of layer surfaces for further processing in other software, like FeeFlow, Modflow or similar. GeoScene3D is the standard platform for geoscience data in Denmark and is continuously developed in collaboration with the Danish Geological Survey (GEUS), the Danish Nature Agency and major Danish engineering companies. The software handles a wide variety of use cases with users facing different tasks in their day to day work. The result is a practical, versatile and robost program with the functionality to handle everyday practical problems the geologists face in many situtations, both in the public and private sector.


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Paradigm Geolog 18


Geolog includes many new features and enhancements to improve the user experience and increase productivity. Selected highlights are briefly described below. Generalized Monte Carlo uncertainty functionality has been added to Geolog’s module launcher interface, allowing users to evaluate the impact of input parameter variation on the results from calculations. This functionality works on both modules supplied with Geolog and any locally created custom modules that the user has created (without the need for any additional coding). New Formation Test QA / QC views have are available in Geolog which enable users to rapidly load, display and assess the quality of pressure tests and integrate these measurements with other forms of borehole data to improve overall reservoir understanding. Geolog introduces a new automatic report generation tool which allows users to create custom report templates featuring text, tables and live graphical views which can be saved and used to deliver consistent reports in a high quality format across multiple wells, projects and sites. Geolog has traditionally provided a range of customization options and the latest release sees this further enhanced by the inclusion of the ability to access Python scripts from Loglan. This functionality enables direct access to a wide variety of third party libraries for statistical analysis (e.g., pandas) and machine learning (e.g., TensorFlow).

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Rokdoc 6.6.2 岩石物理软件

Rokdoc6.6.2_218_welltie_a Rokdoc6.6.2_218_welltie_b Rokdoc6.6.2_218a Rokdoc6.6.2_218b

 DEF-15019: when exporting TVDss-TWT conversions to Petrel, TVDss depth used instead of
the converted TVDss to MD depth that Petrel required – resolved
 DEF-10764: WellTie crashes when duplicate volumes names used – resolved
 DEF-13918: Interconnector fails to recognise seismic phase template for seismic – resolved
 DEF-14652: if crop values are followed by a change to the selected volumes, crop values are
reset to the overall geometry – resolved
 DEF-14037: for RokDoc launched via Petrel ‘open RokDoc project’ option, any RokDoc-2D
quantities generated are not exportable back to Petrel – resolved
 DEF-15043: for seismic cropped and/or decimated during 2D/3D modelling; if start/stop and
sampling is not coincident with original sampling, sample rate in RokDoc is different – resolved
 DEF-15044: 3D modelling cannot be started if RokDoc believes model start Z is less than
minimum caused by switching between different surveys and depth intervals – resolved
 DEF-14644: 3D modelling results in erroneous duplicate model logs – resolved
 DEF-15042: picking a new horizon during 3D modelling results in the horizon transferring to
RokDoc in time domain regardless if new horizon is depth domain – resolved
 DEF-15060: file already closed for writing; error assigning traces to SEGY – resolved
 DEF-15206: transferred position sets have TVDss values instead of TVDkb values – resolved
 D-47658: wavelet extraction & 3D modelling crash if duplicate horizon names used – resolved
 D-47678: transferring seismic volumes to Petrel with steps greater than one incorrectly
populated – resolved

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Lead 3.0 LEAD3.0测井处理解释一体化软件


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JewelSuite 2017

joa_GeoMechanics2017 joa_Subsurface_Modeling2017


JewelSuite 2017.2 GeoMechanics

JewelSuite 2017.4 Subsurface Modeling

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promax 5000.10.0.3


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What’s New in 2019.1?

LMKR is pleased to announce the release of GVERSE NOW, a web-based launch platform for all GeoGraphix and GVERSE applications. GVERSE NOW provides instant access to GeoGraphix and GVERSE support, documentation, white papers, training schedules, webinars, software downloads, and release and user group announcements. The ultimate goal in building GVERSE NOW is to put the entire range of LMKR resources at your fingertips – so you get the support and information you need – when you need it.

What’s New in 2017.3?

The following is a summary of the new features added to GeoGraphix Release 2017.3.


ESRI ArcGIS Runtime Engine 10.5.1

ESRI ArcGIS Runtime Engine 10.5.1 is supported in this release.

Advanced Database Security

All users are now logged into the database using their active directory credentials instead of the default user ID and password. This enables you to trace transactions performed on the database for auditing purposes.

Microsoft Office 2016

Support for Microsoft Office 2016 (32-bit and 64-bit) is added.

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simics 4.8


第一步是保护Setup安装文件, 使用了不太流行的TwoFish算法,使用Decryption Key来解压,解压后才能够安装。

这一步还破不了,等看哪位大牛破解了。不过网上有分享出来的Key, 每个版本一组Key。

第二步是运行的时候需要License, 使用Flexlm机制, ECC加密, 可以爆破。

Simics 4.0的Decryption Key:


1000 Simics-Base 57463084538ae53b2d0132814092ed17

1010 Model-Builder 68ffab9834e60b7d01650eea8fb9821b

2007 Leon2-Simple e8fe7671cb60cc351e40a62457b4de76

2010 MPC8641                 028fb9bf9cb174fb5582af304eaff213

2011 Niagara-Simple bd0e9bc34ec1c248b0f52c7c567bfbb4

2012 PPC-Simple 143c47eb841090079ef7f7d4bf2be3d8

2015 Serengeti                16fcede6085681a322bc515c80c2841e

2016 Sunfire                680a76fc09b1308422828be9145a721b

2018 X86-440BX 8dbf0dcb45c7b77b9803e4250426211f

2035 TS7200               220ccc837e46e0d10d6b97e7672866fa

2036 Ebony               02f1022836841ca1584c1f3af802d0fb

4005 Firststeps   e5b74deb275a1e4b5098649970dbc6cb


Simics 4.6的Key:


1000 6467e8215902d9c233897e1d970095e8

2071 0c536140195be184c6138145e43bede6

4030 1268c60e313093ab9b890872c301ec77


Simics 4.8的Key:


1000 48f1b619e15ba241ab7df6d5940e4204

Simics 4.x 安装文件下载地址:


Flexlm的ECC加密, 只能爆破。 最简单的可以用l_pubkey_verify返回值修改破解。


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Emeraude v5.20 生产测井解释软件


Production logs, or PLs, are run on production or injection wells, with the goal of evaluating the well itself and/or the reservoir performance. Put simply, for producing wells, we need to determine what fluid is coming from which zone, and how much. The PL string may be a relatively simple, conventional configuration run in vertical or deviated wells that, based on the assumption the tool is centralised in the flow, measures the bulk flowrate using a calibrated spinner and then discriminates the fluid type(s) using a suite of tools usually including density, pressure and temperature applied to flow correlations in Emeraude.

With the proliferation of horizontal wells in recent years the PL strings have, by necessity, become increasingly complex. The challenge is to handle segregated flow by various distributed measurements around and across the section of the pipe. Emeraude has kept pace with these developments and offers a choice of calculation schemes and visualisation options to cope with these multiple array tools from any vendor.




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SenEx1.1 SenEx软件功能及特色

SenEx(Sensitivity Explorer)软件是东营康帕斯石油科技有限公司旗下基于微机上使用的一套“辅助快速历史拟合软件”。该软件在敏感性参数分析方面有其独特之处,主要特点有以下几方面:


2). 在进行敏感性参数分析过程中,由于需要考虑多种敏感性参数,研究人员在很大程度上不能直观地判断参数的敏感性如何?使得参数的挑选过程即费时又繁琐。如果对整个油藏属性不熟悉的话, 往往会因为选择参数的失误而对整个模拟的效果产生非常大的影响。


3). 在敏感性分析过程中,网格数量的大小以及参数选择的多少直接影响了敏感性参数分析的速度, SenEx软件可以处理数量非常多的参数,在处理过程中对每一个属性 (比如孔隙度渗透率等) 在每一个网格处被认为是一个参数,通过软件处理的参数数量要几倍于网格数据 (超过数十万甚至上百万)。这种对网格数量的可接受程度以及非常方便的操作功能是其它类产品无法比拟的.与此同时,软件在敏感性分析计算完成之后,还可对其它外部的一些参数(比如盒子乘法器)也都可以在不需要重复模拟的情况下进行快速的处理分析。


5) 软件通过设置全局参数以及局部参数的方式,可以同时对所有的井进行匹配程度的改进。其它产品多数不能够对所有的井同时进行改进。

6) 软件通过较少的模拟次数提供高质量的敏感性参数分析效果


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tNavigator 18.4


1. tNavigator 18.4

The key new features in 18.4 are:
• In tNavigator kernel:
– Local grid refinements getting progressively finer in the vicinity of the fracture are
introduced for XYZ fractures.
– Default setting of results saving was changed. For models in E1/E3 format, if
none of the command line options or keywords (RPTRST, etc.) related to selective
writing of the results are specified, the grid properties will be recorded only on the
first and last step. Previously in this case all grid properties got recorded on all
steps. For models in IM, ST, GE formats the grid properties are still recorded on
all steps.
• In Geology Designer:
– Grid coarsening with corresponding property upscaling is introduced.
– The Multi Point Simulation computation is available, which allows to perform the
interpolation by using multi point statistics method.
– The possibility to perform a fluid in place estimation for a 2D surface is available.
– The possibility to compute seismic attributes and transfer them on geological grids
is available.
• In Model Designer:
– Import of hydraulic fracture data in GOHFER format.
– Entering of hydraulic fracture parameters in tabular form.
• In PVT Designer: thermal variants are supported.
• In VFP Designer: Integration with Model Designer is supported. Each well in the Model
Designer corresponds to a project in VFP Designer.
• In Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty: multitarget optimization by particle
swarm method is supported.
• In Network Designer: Integration with Model Designer is supported. When a dynamic
model is loaded to Model Designer, a corresponding Network Designer project is created

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hrs 10.4.1


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petrel 2017 +visage2017+intersect2017+ECLIPSE2017+Mangrove Kinetix Shale2017

petrel 2018 +visage2018+intersect2018+ECLIPSE2018+Mangrove Kinetix Shale2018



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Landmark EDT 5000.15.1

EDT15.1_CasingSeat EDT15.1_CasingWear EDT15.1_COMPASS EDT15.1_DataAnalyzer EDT15.1_openwell EDT15.1_PROFILE EDT15.1_StressCheck EDT15.1_WELLCAT EDT15.1_WELLCost EDT15.1_wellplan

The Computerized Planning and Analysis Survey System (COMPASS) is a comprehensive software tool designed for use in directional well design by either oil companies or directional contractors. COMPASS is a tool that enables you to quickly and accurately plan wells and identify potential problems at the earliest possible stage.

All of the features for complex well trajectory design, monitoring and analysis are included. The list of features include survey and planning methods, torque-drag optimization, anti-collision plotting with traveling cylinder and ellipse of uncertainty.

COMPASS consists of three main function areas (Survey, Planning, Anticollision), as well as an extensive plotting tool.


WellPlan™ is drilling, completion and well service operations engineering software. WellPlan™ software can be used at the rig site and in the office to provide integration between engineering functions.

WellPlan™ software is based on a database and data structure common to many of Landmark’s drilling applications. This database is called the Engineer’s Drilling Data Model™ (EDM™) and supports the different levels of data that are required to use the drilling software. This is a significant advantage while using the software because of improved integration between drilling software products. Currently WellPlan™, COMPASS, StressCheck, CasingSeat, WELLCAT and CasingWear software use the common database and data structure.

Drilling oil and gas wells is a very complex and expensive proposition. Drilling costs generally account for a major capital expenditure for an operating company. In today’s competitive environment, companies are facing increasing numbers of technical challenges. Deepwater drilling, extended-reach drilling, slim-hole drilling, underbalanced drilling, and environmentally sensitive drilling areas are a few of these challenges. WellPlan™ software is the drilling engineering software that provides you with the competitive edge to help solve engineering problems during the design and operational phases for drilling and well completion.

The new results-oriented user interface offers more efficient analysis using only necessary inputs, saving time, and minimizing analysis steps. WellPlan™ is integrated with the other EDT™ applications enabling you to install it on the same computer or server in multi-user environments, and share data with other EDT™ software applications.


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Landmark EDT 5000.15.0

EDT15.0_CasingSeat EDT15.0_CasingWear EDT15.0_COMPASS EDT15.0_DataAnalyzer EDT15.0_EDM_AutoSyncClient EDT15.0_openwell EDT15.0_PROFILE EDT15.0_StressCheck EDT15.0_WELLCAT EDT15.0_wellplan

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perform 2013


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