Schlumberger CemCade 4.4 4.75固井软件

Schlumberger CemCade 固井软件

Cementing design and evaluation software

U-tube simulation for primary cement jobs
Mud removal optimization using WELLCLEAN II* technology
Postjob evaluation using execution data
Cement bond log (CBL) response prediction
Cement plug job design
Casing centralization
Temperature simulation

Increased cement job success rate, reducing costs
Safer operations by predicting well security before the job
Optimized future improvements with postjob analysis using actual job data

Simulation of all job aspects
Caliper and directional survey data for casing centralization
Improved fluid design and placement
Temperature simulation for re-ducing cement wait time while avoiding premature setting risk
Mud circulation efficiency module for assessing pipe movement influence on flow in the annulus
Playback simulation
Postplacement analysis module for predicting gas migration risk
SynCBL module to predict CBL response
Comparison of actual CBL and SynCBL to evaluate zonal isola-tion and avoid remedial repair


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