Schlumberger Techlog 2018.2

The What’s New feature replaces the Welcome tour. It highlights new Techlog key features in a quick and user-friendly way. It is automatically launched the first time you install Techlog, and it is available at any time from menu > Help > What’s New.

Techlog default zone-type catalog is now displayed with the specific icon within the project browser.
Better performance while running a Python script in AWI 4 with a high number of zones.
The following improvements have been done on workflows:
 There is now a full synchronization with the zonation database (edit zone, add zone, delete zone, split zone).
 The parameter customization is kept while editing the zones.
 The user parameter values are kept after splitting a zone.
 The latest zonation version is always loaded.
 Centralizes the functionality of editing zones within the zone editor is centralized.
 Zonation_All generated only after editing the default computation interval.
 Ability to load the zonation from the saved workflow.
 Ability to reset to Zonation_All.
 The zone parameter settings are kept after saving the zonation.
 Star issue: zonation turning into temporary right after loading a workflow has been fixed.
 Issues related to zones boundaries precision have been fixed: AWI now manages the zones boundaries with double format.
 Ability to “save as” a zonation from LogView.
 Ability to save all zonations from LogView.
 Ability to change the color, pattern and description of multiple zones in one go.
The save zonation action is now always available from the right-click menu in LogView.
 The display of zones in the legend of Histogram with cross-plot has been harmonized.
 The issue related to Palette while displaying dips in a multi-well Stereonet plot has been fixed.
 Ability to split a zone interval in LogView.
 There is now a better display performance of zone-types within the zone-type catalog tool.
 The Query duplicate tool now respects the dataset type.
 The issue related to data status after un-link and re-link to repository has been fixed.
 Ability to control the zone boundaries values precision.
 Ability to split a zone interval.
 Importing data does not block the use of Techlog anymore.
 The Import is now run in background and its status can be seen in a progress bar.
 Ability to run simultaneously multiple imports and exports.
 The buffer window is not closed anymore and its content is not erased automatically.
 A dot on the Tbar import and/or export icon indicates that import or/and export buffer is not empty.
 An eye icon enables to hide the import or export buffer window.
 Ability to run Python 3 scripts in AWI 4.
Studio 2018.2 version has been focused on 
Improving performance of the Studio server with Studio user authorization.
Data administration workflows:
 Display unit and family in Studio repository browser.
 Filter the Studio repository browser based on quality attributes.
 Delete data items from Studio repository browser in Techlog with Studio Admin rights and Super User.
 Create filter on quality attributes in Studio Manager – Filter App and uses this filter in the Data Table.
 Enhance usability in the App Global Match Rules of Studio Manager.
Resolving client issues related to incorrect synchronization status with specific user scenarios such as unlink – relink or grouping.

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