Schlumberger PIPESIM 2017.2

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PIPESIM is Schlumberger’s flagship well and network modeling software for steady-state multiphase flow
simulation. Together with the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator, Schlumberger provides a complete
software solution for designing and optimizing production systems.
PIPESIM was first released in 1984 with an initial focus to design production systems in harsh environments
such as the North Sea. Emphasis has always been placed on incorporating the latest science to provide the
most accurate predictions possible. As PIPESIM has evolved over the years, it has continuously been
improved and expanded. This latest version may coexist with previous releases and can be run at the same
time using the same license.
While PIPESIM by itself may be applied to solve a wide range of problems, Schlumberger has integrated
PIPESIM with key software platforms to deliver a fully integrated solution spanning reservoir simulation to
production operations:
• Use IAM to couple to ECLIPSE/IX reservoir simulation models or MBX material balance tank models
to forecast production and optimize system design over the complete lifecycle.
• Import PIPESIM models into Petrel for Well Deliverability workflows (VFP table generation, Nodal
Analysis etc.) or build a well model within Petrel and export to PIPESIM.
• Operationalize PIPESIM by connecting to the Avocet platform and keeping your models updated and
your field continuously modeled.
• The Python Toolkit may be used to connect PIPESIM to external applications and data sources and is
useful in automating model building, updating models and performing batch runs.
From field development to production operations, PIPESIM enables production optimization and flow
assurance over the complete lifecycle.

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