Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2016.2

ECLIPSE 2016.2
New and improved functionality
ECLIPSE 2016.2 contains a number of changes to address issues discovered in previous releases as part of our ongoing commitment to improving ECLIPSE, for instance:
• ECLIPSE 100 and 300 have been extended to allow the connection ordering TRACK algorithm to take into account the dual porosity/permeability connections to the matrix.
• In ECLIPSE 100, the parallel handling of a simulation containing a mix of both keywords and a GSG file has been improved.
• Improvements to the modeling of low salinity effects in the dual permeability Brine model for ECLIPSE 100 parallel simulations containing non-neighbor connections.
• To allow the user defined argument (reservoir fluid volume rate target) to be used with newer injector types in ECLIPSE 300.
• To improve the ECLIPSE 300 parallel simulations when transmissibilities across regions have been defined in combination with the CPR solver.
• To address the simulation differences seen when stop/shut wells were defined for coreflood/lab experiments.
ECLIPSE 2016.1
The 2016.1 release of the ECLIPSE suite includes major developments enhancing the functionality,
usability and performance capabilities of the simulators. The developments include an adaptive CPR solver designed to improve performance for ECLIPSE 100 and mprovements in internal data storage to relax model size constraints encountered by some users. For EOR users this release improves the range of available sector modeling workflows with tracers and CEOR agents, and also adds end point scaling with surfactant and solid wettability for ECLIPSE 300. The well model has been enhanced with extended inflow control device modeling facilities. Finally, both ECLIPSE 100 and 300 now generate messages in a lightweight database format to improve interoperability with Petrel RE, allowing future releases of Petrel to annotate line graphs with important simulation events to ease interpretation. Improvements have also been made to the model edits in FrontSim to support the Petrel Geoscreening plug-in workflows.

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