OFM 2016.1


Product details

The OFM well and reservoir analysis software is a powerful tool designed to aid in the day-to-day surveillance and management of oil and gas fields. The OFM software provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface enabling you to view, modify, and analyze production and reservoir data within the Microsoft Windows environment. You can perform basic and complex analyses for individual or multiple completions, groups of wells, an entire field, or several fields. The OFM software is the ideal tool for all work environments and users. OFM software is suited for the occasional user, yet sophisticated enough for advanced petroleum engineering analyses. Whether at the well site, office, or home, the OFM software enables you to access or load data from both local desktop and corporate repositories such as Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Release details

OFM 2016.1 is a full-install release and supersedes all previous versions.

Key components

OFM 2016.1 has several new features including:

  • Analysis Dashboards with new charting?- Dashboards can be created to consist of multiple chart types (Line, Scatter or Bar). Charts can be dragged and repositioned, resized and also be maximized on demand. Dashboards also allow for interaction between the different charts. The charts have multi-dimensional capabilities where color, shape and size can be plotted on it to get a deeper insight of the data.
  • Chart Annotation?– Events can be tagged on the chart as annotations. These annotations can he highlighted, color coded, filtered, rolled-up and down the entity chain and even emailed to colleagues.
  • New Property Inspector?– Properties of the charts in the dashboards can be changed in a fast and intuitive way using the new inspector. Axis scaling, regression lines, visibility, styles etc. can be changed.
  • Restore Workspace State?– the OFM software workspace can be restored to the same state it was when it was closed. Selected entities, selected filters and open analysis are all restored.
  • Data Adapter for SAP Hana?– the OFM software can now connect and read data from SAP Hana Data Source using the dedicated data adapter.
  • Multiple Monitor Support?– To take full advantage of the analysis dashboards all OFM analyses can be extended to a secondary monitor.

Other key features with the OFM 2016.1 release include: adding regression lines to the scatter charts, printing the dashboards, adding text and images to charts, and consistent entity coloring all across the project.

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