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petrel2015_visage2015_work_good2petrel2015_visage2015_work_goodvisage2012.1VISAGE – What’s new in 2015.1 2015.2


The VISAGE finite element geomechanics simulator is the numerical engine for the Reservoir Geomechanics module of Petrel. VISAGE performs the stress, deformation and failure calculations for the reservoir and its surrounding formations to surface, including faults and fractures. VISAGE also couples to the ECLIPSE industry reference reservoir simulator to provide 4D life-of-field modelling in which reservoir and geomechanics properties can change with field pressures, temperatures and saturations.

The Reservoir Geomechanics module of Petrel provides the user-interface for all the VISGAE simulation pre-processing (grid embedment, property modeling and population, boundary conditions, one-way and two-way coupling between VISAGE and ECLIPSE, run-launch, and run-management) and post-processing (results viewing and quality checking).
For 2015.1, the Reservoir Geomechanics module is deployed with Petrel, and requires its own additional license feature.
Together, the 2015.1 releases of VISAGE and the Petrel Reservoir Geomechanics module provide:
Improved user-experience:
? Enhanced Reservoir Geomechanics ribbon tab
? Simplified access to related Petrel processes
Performance improvements, including:
? Property population
? Improvements to the overall export process to the VISAGE simulator
? Further improvements to the LGR and material exports times and file sizes
Large model improvement:
? Creation of geomechanical model from original grid of up to 30 million cells.
? Maximum final geomechanical model size increased to approximately 70 million cells.

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