OFM 2014.1.3



Product details

The OFM well and reservoir analysis software is a powerful tool designed to aid in the day-to-day surveillance and management of oil and gas fields. The OFM software provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface enabling you to view, modify, and analyze production and reservoir data within the Microsoft Windows environment. You can perform basic and complex analyses for individual or multiple completions, groups of wells, an entire field, or several fields. The OFM software is the ideal tool for all work environments and users. OFM software is suited for the occasional user, yet sophisticated enough for advanced petroleum engineering analyses. Whether at the well site, office, or home, the OFM software enables you to access or load data from both local desktop and corporate repositories such as Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Release details

OFM 2016.1 is a full-install release and supersedes all previous versions.

Key components

OFM 2016.1 has several new features including:

  • Analysis Dashboards with new charting?- Dashboards can be created to consist of multiple chart types (Line, Scatter or Bar). Charts can be dragged and repositioned, resized and also be maximized on demand. Dashboards also allow for interaction between the different charts. The charts have multi-dimensional capabilities where color, shape and size can be plotted on it to get a deeper insight of the data.
  • Chart Annotation?– Events can be tagged on the chart as annotations. These annotations can he highlighted, color coded, filtered, rolled-up and down the entity chain and even emailed to colleagues.
  • New Property Inspector?– Properties of the charts in the dashboards can be changed in a fast and intuitive way using the new inspector. Axis scaling, regression lines, visibility, styles etc. can be changed.
  • Restore Workspace State?– the OFM software workspace can be restored to the same state it was when it was closed. Selected entities, selected filters and open analysis are all restored.
  • Data Adapter for SAP Hana?– the OFM software can now connect and read data from SAP Hana Data Source using the dedicated data adapter.
  • Multiple Monitor Support?– To take full advantage of the analysis dashboards all OFM analyses can be extended to a secondary monitor.

Other key features with the OFM 2016.1 release include: adding regression lines to the scatter charts, printing the dashboards, adding text and images to charts, and consistent entity coloring all across the project.

OFM 2014.1.3


伦贝谢公司是世界领先的技术,集成项目管理和信息解决方案,为客户在全球范围内的石油和天然气行业工作的供应商提出了油田经理(OFM)2014.1 一个功能强大的套件由斯伦贝谢信息解决方案开发的模块,旨在帮助在当天的日常监控油气田和管理。

油田管理器(OFM)是一个功能强大的套件由斯伦贝谢信息解决方案研发和设计在当天的日常监控油气田和管理,以帮助模块。 OFM提供了一个直观,友好的用户界面,使您的Microsoft Windows环境中查看,修改和分析生产和储层数据。也可以执行基本的和/或复杂的分析,对单个或多个完井中,井组,一个整个油田或若干油田。 OFM是所有的工作环境和用户的理想工具。 OFM非常适合偶尔使用,但对于高级石油工程分析不够老练的用户。无论是在井场,办公室或家里,OFM使您能够从本地桌面和企业资源库,如Oracle和SQL Server数据库访问或加载数据
此版本只关注可扩展性,通过.NET API。该API将被“暴露”在两个级别的应用中:首先在插件将像现有系统功能的形式。这些被称为插件的功能,并且它的目的是在最终用户被授权来创建它们。在更高的层面,分析插件将作为好像他们是本地OFM模块,即他们可以有自己的带状图标,分析窗格中陈述,属性面板,最重要的是,自己的可视空间。虽然这个水平预计将超过休闲,一天到一天的最终用户的能力,不过该API提供客户建立的能力到应用程序中自己的IP(如内部流体的相关性)或自定义工作流,可被客户端或特定位置,因此不可能以形成正常的一部分
该API与使用OFM的传统方式有显著区别,一个新的,独立的“入门OFM API”文件也包括在内

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